5 Kettles With Modern Features For The Best Food Experience

Cooking kettles are the most versatile kettles in your kitchen. Cooking kettles are suitable for cooking rice, pasta, and porridge, apart from boiling water for tea or coffee. Cooking kettles also help to keep water warm while doing chores around the house. When you cook, it helps to have the right tools and a wide variety of tools to create different meals that are hard to accomplish with just one device or pot. Many tools are available for certain types of food. When buying cooking kettles, make sure they are of high-quality material with an excellent coating. Make sure it is easy to use and control. It should also be easy to clean.

1.   CAPIC Fixed Tank Kettle

CAPIC fixed tank kettle is a solid stainless steel cooking Kettle with a generous capacity range between 500 liters to 2000 liters. The cooking kettles will provide a perfect base for cooking and offer simple to clean, robust stainless steel equipment. A wall-mounted control panel contains the control system which controls the high-tech fixed tank kettle and supplies the power.

The fixed tank kettle has a steam heating system for gas or electrical firing and an attractive central control panel for fuel management. Additionally, the kettle has a counterbalanced lid and a drain valve 50/60 that helps relieve the excess steam and pressure, thus preventing damage to the compressor.

2.   Type CM Kettle

The CM is two cookers in one! It can cook or simmer liquids or semi-liquids using steam through its flat bottom tank with triple skin. The jacket provides 1 bar pressure for rapid and uniform heating. This revolutionary innovation combines electric and conventional heat, ensuring low power consumption corresponds to high-performance levels. The large volume of the boiling tank offers room for all your recipes’ steps.

A flat tank at 120 degrees in electric versions, the doubled heating elements, and an integrated jacket around the tank allow quick-cooking.  The CM kettle has less power consumption, a large capacity, and complete automation of the cooking process.

3.   CH Type Kettle

The CH-type kettle is a new generation cooking kettle with a slim design and a short heating-up time. It is suitable for braising and other cooking methods; simmering, stewing, blanching, boiling, steaming. The CH Type Kettle has triple skin hemispherical tank, steam heating by the direct network up to 6 bars or by integrated electric production system (up to 0,5 bars). The steam coming from the bottom of the tank heats water directly.

The lid is two parts with an ingredient portal. The insulation protection from the boiling liquid has three thin plated inner walls, which allow for vacuum preservation of the cooked food after removing it from the heat source. A conveying system distributes heat uniformly all over the tank and provides a constant temperature.

This particular product has a triple skin hemispherical tank that minimizes heat loss, making it ideal for long braising processes or large quantities of food preparation. The mixing arm of the CH-type kettle is removable.

4.   Stainless Steel Kettle

Stainless steel kettles have a stainless steel interior and exterior, are fitted with an LPG burner for direct heating or open on the bain-marie. The 150, 235, 345, and 500 liters are served at their bases with an anchor to carry on the floor.

The stainless cooking kettles bring out the best in your soups, sauces, and stews. Designed with a 3mm stainless steel coat for optimal heat transmission and lined with fire retardant material, all cooking kettles are easy to use with their efficient drain tap and removable filter. The stainless cooking kettles are an excellent choice for restaurants, public facilities, private houses. All have the highest standards of quality, reliability, ease of use, and presentation compact.

5.   Cooking Kettle In Aluminum

This range of cooking kettles with a monobloc body covers all traditional and long-lasting cooking for broths, rillettes, pâtés for a family meal in a conventional way, day after day. These models are available in different sizes, 20 L, 30 L, 50 L, and varying capacities of about 12 persons and 24 persons to adapt to various clients’ needs.

You can use the cooking kettle on a gas burner or induction. Additionally, its stainless steel inner structure underlines its flexibility for all culinary solutions or industrial applications. Heavy-duty casters allow easy movement of the cooking kettle. The new model has a luxury kitchen addition which consists of a safety system, the safety pilot light, and a thermocouple.


Cooking kettle is a type of food technology for cooking liquids and making stews, soups, and other dishes in a kettle. However, it’s essential to identify durable products with the most modern features. Partnering with a company with products that offer the best performance in any situation is crucial and one you can always rely on for free consultations. CAPIC is a reliable partner for commercial catering and foodservice kettles and cooking pots of high quality to all types of restaurants, catering companies, hotels, hospitals, and all other types of food outlets.

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