Delicious cheesy dishes that are perfect for your family’s Christmas feast.

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The time of the year we all cherish is here. Yes, Christmas is here! The time to celebrate love, family, and friendship is once again upon us. During this auspicious occasion, dinner plans mostly haunt the cook in the house. While your kids will be busy unwrapping their gifts, your husband is busy decorating the Christmas tree, and you do not want to scratch your head in the kitchen planning Christmas dinner. Thanks to a few cheesy (positively!) cookbooks, you have the easiest and most delicious (your family is gonna love them) dishes you need for this year’s Yuletide.

Yes, it is the last month of the year, and you have exhausted all the recipes from your cookbook. No one is asking you to play YouTube videos on a loop only to find some last-minute creative recipe ideas to indulge your family in the kitchen, at least if that makes you happy. With Pure Dairy’s delicious and delightful cheeses, your regular dish will be beyond Christmas dinner-worthy. These cheesy treats will make for a perfect Christmas feast for the whole family;

Christmas Ham with Cheese

Roasted ham is quite a traditional cuisine in many party parts of the world. In Australia, lots of people enjoy having a big lump of pork leg (meat) on Christmas days. The temperature here at Christmas is unlike other places, with cold breezes and icy pavements, so it is a good idea to prepare roasted ham before Eve.

Pure Dairy’s burger cheese slices have a high melt-ability, so it hardly matters if your ham is cold or warm. Their cheese slices will melt evenly across your ham. Glaze it further with honey or pineapple juice if you like, just to add a little sweet flavour – as a counterpart to meat and cheese’s savoury flavour.

Cheese-stuffed Meatballs

Meatballs topped with cheese slices and tomato sauce tossed on top of spaghetti are perfect for Christmas dinner if you have a lot during the daytime. In fact, meatballs are year-round cuisine in Australia. Be it a big game day or a festive celebration, and you got to have this easy appetizer on the menu.

For meatballs, you can use either pork, beef, chicken, or even turkey; the taste will still be amazing. Pork meat is mostly preferred for meatballs since the meat perfectly soaks tomato sauce, and you get the right taste and texture when smothered with good melting cheese right from the first try. Try Pure Dairy’s hi-melt cheese slices for your Christmas meatballs, which are more than likely to be an instant hit with your family.

Roasted Turkey with Cheese

A big meaty dish is mostly at the centre of the Christmas feast in many households. If you love to stick to this tradition, then cheesy roasted turkey meat will be perfect to end the night on a high note. The stuffing and roasting of your Christmas turkey can take up quite a bit of time, so you may want to get the work done a day before. Salads, breadcrumbs, and eggs are perfect for a delicious cheesy roasted turkey.

Cheesy Prawn Cocktail

So, you need a crowd favourite to kick off your Christmas feast? What can beat a cheesy prawn cocktail with smashed lettuce, sliced lemon, and some spicy toppings? Thawed or fresh prawns can be readily available across marts in Australia. They are easy to find and equally easy to prepare. This is a fresh, simple, and perfect cheesy starter to kick off Christmas dinner in the family.

Cheesy Christmas Salad

The Christmas feast is centred on roasted, deep-fried, or grilled meat in many Aussie households. Mostly, you can accompany such heavy meals with a light sweet taste, say salads. No rule applies when you have Pure Dairy’s authentic cheese collection while preparing your salads for the big day. Try any ingredients in your salads, and the end product will amaze you with slices or shreds of Pure Dairy’s hi-melt cheese on them.

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