Healthy Tips and Benefits of Grilling

Grilling comes with lots of health benefits. You’ve got a lot of great options to sear and savor no matter the weather. That is one of the reasons barbecue restaurants like Jarry Smoked Meat deli are making waves already in Montreal. Let’s look at some great tips and health benefits of grilling.

Health Benefits of Grilling

  • Vegetables on the Grill are better for you

Grilling makes it possible to add veggies. These veggies are able to retain their minerals and vitamins on which provide essential health benefits. Whichever way you choose, either placing on top of your grill or wrapping in a tin foil, it is nutritionally advantageous than frying or boiling.

  • You Eat Less Fat

Grilling helps to drip off the excess fat from the grates. The fat cooks off on the grill but in a pan, it pools and is reabsorbed by the meat. Grilling is a better and healthier way of removing excess fat from your meat.

  • Meat Retains Nutrients

The grilling process helps the meat to retain nutrients when a slab is tossed over the fire. These nutrients are essential for your health.

Tips for Healthy Grilling                

Here are a few tips to make a healthier meal while grilling for dinner.

#1: Go for Lean Meats

Buy lean meat cuts such as pork, fish or chicken. You can pick up the leanest beef you can lay your hands on when you’re craving a burger. Remember, leaner meats are healthier.

#2: Grill Your Veggies

Add a few zucchini or peppers to the grill during the grilling process. Besides, every meal should have some veggies. As a side dish, you can make veggie kabobs or try grilling sweet corn. Another addition that is preferred by most people is a spinach salad with light vinaigrette dressing.

#3: Marinate Your Meats

Everyone loves to have a steak marinated in lemon pepper pork chops or honey garlic glaze. In addition to improving the taste of your dinner, marinating also improves your general health. Marinating helps to drastically eliminate chemicals which may be acquired during the grilling process. Such chemicals could be cancerous especially when the meat is cooked over charcoal or cooked at high temperatures.

#4: Instead of Charcoal, Use Gas

It is recommended that you use gas rather than charcoal during the grilling process. This is because it has been shown that charcoal can expose your food to cancer-causing chemicals which is dangerous to your health.

According to some latest scientific findings, having your grilling done using charcoal could expose you and your food to some chemicals that could cause cancer.

If you insist on using charcoal in the grilling process, then you should keep it out of the smoke as much as possible and avoid overcooking the meat.

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