You may be new to Japanese cuisine and wondering how to make sushi. How to eat sushi is an important part of the dining experience. This simple sushi how-to-eat guide will help ensure that you have the best experience possible.

Stick to One Bite

The best way to eat sushi is to take one bite at a time. Sushi is an art form and should be enjoyed in one bite. You can make exceptions for larger rolls, such as handrolls, however, it is best to eat the entire thing whole.

Lay it Face down

This sushi how-to-eat guide will show you that you should place the sushi face down on your tongue when you eat it. This will allow you to enjoy the best combination of flavors and textures.

You Can Have Your Hands

You can eat some pieces of sushi with your hands. If chopsticks are difficult for you, maki (rolls) can be ordered and eaten with your hands.

Know Your Chopstick Etiquette

It’s tempting to rub your chopsticks together, but it sends a negative signal about the chef’s quality. Don’t even try to stab your food with the chopsticks. Use your fingers to pick up the food if you are unable to use chopsticks. You can ask for a fork for things such as sashimi, noodles or tempura.

How to Eat Sushi with Soy Sauce

Use soy sauce sparingly. Ask for tamari instead if you are gluten-free. The key to both soy sauce or tamari sushi is not to soak it in the sauces. Lightly brush the fish with the sauce, then take a bite. You should not let the rice touch the soy sauce. Instead, dip the fish in the sauce with its side down.

Ginger Is A Palate Cleanser

Pickled ginger is a great way to cleanse your palate. It is recommended that you have a piece of pickled ginger with every type of sushi or fish.

How To Use Wasabi

Wasabi should be added to your sushi. Some people like to add some wasabi to their sushi with chopsticks. It is best to not mix it with the soy sauce, as it can take away the wasabi’s scent.

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