Love Tacos? Go to the Taco Festival

There’s a spot for you at the Arizona Taco Festival if you love tacos, and “Who Doesn’t Love Tacos?” The Arizona Taco Festival was founded eleven years ago, and it was the world’s first taco festival. Yes, that is right. And, thanks to everyone’s love of tacos, they’re only getting bigger each year, elevating the taco fest experience for the attendees to new heights. So join these festivals in Phoenix and get a lifetime experience.

Following the cancellation of last year’s event due to the pandemic, organisers pledge an awesome Taco-topia this year that will be bigger and better than ever. Over 50 taco makers will participate in the two-day festival, including restaurants, food trucks, and chefs, as well as entertainment, competitions, and family fun.


  • Guests will sample over 100 tequilas at the world-famous Tequila Expo. Tequila, sotol, bacanora, mezcal, and other spirits will be available.
  • Taco Gordo Eating Contest: This pace competition determines how hungry contestants are for tacos. Ten people take the stage in a taco pig-out to see how many tacos they can consume.
  • Live music, DJs, singers, weddings, insane competitions, and, of course, the awards ceremony will all take place here.
  • Guests will sample the most bizarre and terrifying hot sauces, curated by Vic Clinco, the owner of the country’s largest private collection of hot sauces.
  • And many more…

Grill smoke was the best treatment for frustration just inside the Arizona Taco Festival gate — confusion with queues, where to pay, and a broken chip reader. From the far, three-sided rectangle of vendor tents, a poleaxing smoke of meat and steel is blowing. When triumphant lucha libre wrestlers beat the mat and cheers burst like the yellow shells of fried tortillas, grill smoke infiltrates your open nostrils.


The Arizona Taco Festival, held in Salt River Fields, is a must-see for fans of the delicious Mexican dish. Attendees will sample margaritas and watch real Mexican wrestlers in addition to the food. The Tequila Tent will feature thirty tequila brands, while the Margarita Tent will feature many Valley mixologists.

There will be boutique activities leading up to the big weekend, such as Chef Beau MacMillan’s Taco Loco Fight, Margarita Wars with the Valley’s top mixologists, Taco 101 cooking demonstrations at Williams-Sonoma Biltmore Fashion Park, Rock the Guac, WeWork WeFiesta a partnership with WeWork, and a Taste Tequila seminar.

Local artist Gennaro Garcia co-curated taco-centric fashion, art, photography, music, and more to get into the full taco spirit, mind, body, and soul, which will definitely have a life impact on you all.

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