The Importance of Maintaining a Commercial Deep Fryer

If you run a restaurant or you operate a fish & chip shop, you must take good care of your deep fryer. Along with keeping it clean, you should also schedule regular maintenance checks which are carried out by a certified professional. You want your equipment to last for many years and run effectively each day to ensure your business operates smoothly, if you’ve a commercial deep fryer in Normanton, maintaining it will guarantee it stands the test of time. A team who provide first-class repair and installation services on fish and chip frying ranges should specialise in all makes and models, including:

  • Haddock
  • Frank Ford
  • Hopkins
  • Henry Nuttall
  • Martyn Edwards

Follow these tips to ensure your commercial deep fryer stays in tip top shape for as long as your company needs before it requires a replacement.

Daily Cleaning & Oil Changes

Although this sounds tedious, it is essential to keep the fryer clean to ensure it is free of any food or debris. Cleanliness must be a top priority when it comes to serving your customers food from the deep fryer. In addition to cleaning, it is imperative to cleanse the heating components after an oil change. A daily scrub won’t be enough, at least once every 3 months you’ll need to carry out a deep clean of the fryer.

Professional Inspection

To ensure your machine is running efficiently, you must schedule professional assessments at least twice a year. A skilled electrical and gas engineer will conduct any repairs or replacements.

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