Top Tips to Help You Choose the Right Form and Quality of Foie Gras

French cuisine in itself is an art of cooking food. There are many things that have made this cuisine popular all around the world. One such food jewel that the world enjoys for its taste and texture is Foie Gras. It is a very versatile product used in gourmet kitchen and is mainly served as an entree.

However, if you are not from France, you can get attracted from packaging of different supplies of Foie Gras and still not get the satisfaction you are looking for as the quality varies from brand to brand.

This is the reason we often find ourselves asking which foie gras brand to pick from hundreds of options that are available in the store. At Foie Gras Gourmet, you can be assured that only the best produce will be delivered at your doorsteps. They not only excel in the quality of produce, but also in their exclusive worldwide shipping at minimal shipping prices.

Tips for choosing the best Foie Gras

From hundreds of brands to local producers we find numerous options of this gourmet product. The 2 major factors that would affect our purchase would be:

1. Your preferred style of cooking:

  • Different Foie grass products are available for different dishes depending upon whether you want to cook a starter or a main course with it.
  • If you are cooking for festive occasions, choose whole Foie Gras and cook it with different aromatic herbs and spices to enhance its flavours.
  • If the budget is tight for you, you might need small blocks of produce to make bite sized entrees.
  • We also get the produce in the form of emulsions that can be used in your salads and appetizers.

2. Quality of the produce:

  • Look for brands that have been reviewed by panellists and are produced at an industrial scale.
  • When we buy such produce that is sold nationally; we can be assured that the quality standards are maintained in all their packages.
  • Avoid locally produced Foie Gras unless it comes directly from a local producer in France.
  • Do not buy a produce that contains artificial ingredients, preservatives, and flavours in its package.
  • Ingredients apart from salt, pepper, or sugar are just added to enhance the flavours of a produce that is low in quality and flavours.
  • Look for authenticity and labels on the packaging. Labels from South-West France will give you a reassurance on the quality of the produce.
  • However, the labels mentioning “produced or made in France” are not always authentic and could be of sub-par quality.
  • Any branded produce that has been awarded at agricultural shows could be trusted.
  • Seek professional advice whenever you are confused between two brands of Foie Gras.

Procuring a good quality Foie gras and cooking with it will take your festive menu from an exotic to a luxurious level. Your guests will be unable to settle at one bite and will praise you for your efforts and taste in food. You just need to ensure to buy a good quality produce and you are all set for an amazing delicacy on your dinner table.

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