Visit Website To Learn How To Color The Cookies

If you learn to decorate your cookies to make them attractive and fun to enjoy for your loved ones, then you can visit website to learn how to color the cookies. By coloring your cookies, you can engage yourself in a creative activity that keeps you away from your digital devices and relaxes your mind too. There are various kinds of colors available online on any bakery website to purchase for coloring your cookies. The colors can be concentrated pastes or gel-based colors. Both types of food colors have their advantages. You will come to know about the best food coloring option you can use to color your cookies further below.

Difference Between Concentrated Pastes And Soft Gel Pastes For Cookie Coloring

The major difference between concentrated and soft gel pastes is that concentrated pastes taste bitter compared to soft gel pastes, which are tasteless. Both pastes are available in a variety of color options in stores. Thus, to avoid a bitter taste in your cookies, it is preferred to buy soft gel pastes for coloring your cookies. Besides the white color, you can get electric shades of soft gel pastes from any of the bakery products selling websites. A few of the colors that you can get of soft gel pastes are.

  • Leaf green
  • Red
  • Egg Yellow
  • Electric Green
  • Regal Purple
  • Royal Blue
  • Chocolate Brown
  • Peach
  • Super Black
  • Sky Blue
  • Electric Pink

How Can You Use Gel Food Coloring?

A few of the suggestions for using food coloring are

  • Need for white food coloring- When you use butter, extracts, and various frosting ingredients, you get an off-white color, to get a pure white color, it is required to add white food coloring on top of these frosting ingredients. Avoid using too much color, as it can think your frosting. For thickening your frosting, you can add baking sugar or start with thick frosting.
  • Start with one drop of food color, and then gradually increase the drops to avoid messing with your cookies.
  • Using darker colors- If you are using darker colors for your food coloring, then it is suggested to keep adding drops of them until you get the desired look of the frosting. Thus, large quantity of darker shades is required for cookie coloring. Make sure to add baking sugar to thicken your frosting if it gets thin.

Besides the suggestions mentioned above, you can mix colors to get different effects. For example, you can mix red and egg yellow colors to get an orange shade of food color. Concisely, play with different shades to get your cookie decoration right.

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